Viewers might ask…

How do I do it?

Where do ideas come from?

It is hard for me to explain…I really do not know.

There is no fixed plan and no prior sketches.

I just begin by making marks.

Pictures emerge from the random marks.   The painting evolves as I work.  


My technique is one of creation-destruction-creation as I gradually tease out a finished piece.   I am not sad when I destroy a part…it is part of the story.   Creation comes from this if I allow my picture to evolve.    

As the painting progresses I might make colour changes.   I add layers, take parts away or make new marks.   I rely on my feelings and let the painting ‘speak’ to me.   Knowing when to stop is the hard part.   


Mixing colour and sculpting the thick, luscious oils has become the focus of my work.   I love the ‘journey’ and when I make a painting I never really know the outcome in advance.   The element of surprise is appealing as the surface changes along the way.  

 Some take weeks of scraping back and changing course whilst others come together quickly without too much stress.  More often there is a battle of wills as I fight the canvas for an acceptable outcome but these challenges keep me focused and prevent complacency.



Here are some paintings as they progressed...



I am currently reworking this painting...

after turning it around, this aspect appears to give an impression of light, partly hidden.

24 x 24 inch canvas.  


These three images represent several weeks of work on a painting.  Oils and cold wax medium on canvas.


The piece has undergone several changes as I added, scraped away and re-worked. 


Eventually I reached a conclusion and it is now available for a new home.    


'Time knows no beginning or end'







The painting on the right is a first block-in of colour.   It will dry a little before I return to add more layers.  


The picture below is the second stage...


More colour is added, some scraped back and shapes altered.


A further stage in the picture’s journey.

This stage stayed for a few weeks before I decided to change it.



The end result   

I wanted to take away some of the previous ‘busy’ parts.

The left side green is lighter now.   Adding the blue on the right gives an ethereal feeling.

This is a quieter image which still has enough ‘story’.



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