Monotype Printing





I recently added monotype printing to my process.    Using a gel plate and Golden Open acrylics I pull prints on A4 smooth white 300gsm paper.

Each print is unique, a 'one-off' and a painting in its own right.

It is a complete change to my usual oil painting and brings challenges as well as pleasure.  

The prints are displayed in a mat mount ready for framing..... £ 90 each


I shall be exhibiting some in a Show at St Martin's Gallery in June.

Here are some examples of my work...



These from my collection of 140 prints.  





There will be a selection of some available Monotypes on display in June 2021


Gallery at St Martin's, Lincoln.

More details to follow.









All the Monotypes are A4 size, hand-pulled in my print room.

Each one is unique, a 'one-off' print.    None will be duplicated. 







A4 Monotype on 300gsm smooth white paper.     Can be viewed both ways.

©️ Anne Wood 2021