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Journey of a painting.

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'The Journey of a Painting', a tale of two pictures.


This is how I like to begin..


Here I used a sheet of A4 Pinnacle Textured Rag taped and under-painted with acrylics ready for two new pictures to evolve.  The old chopping board makes a handy support.   At the side I have a stay-wet palette with Golden Acrylic.   This time I used Ultramarine, Quinacridone magenta, Lemon yellow, Naples yellow, Burnt Sienna and Titanium white.   All my colours were mixed from this limited palette.   

The paper was left to dry then I began teasing out a landscape or seascape, with abstracted shapes and marks.   I used a one inch brush on these helps to keep my marks loose.  




After making marks and brushing shapes over the underpainting the composition emerges.  I think they give an impression of wild places.  Nowhere in particular, more a sense of place.   Possibly the top one is a nature reserve and the bottom one could be a coastal scene.   They will be left to dry before cutting to size.



It's always fun placing a mount over the paint.   Not all the image is on show, I position the mount aperture to give a harmonious composition.  I think these two will be used.   One bottom one is 5x7 inches and the top is 4x6 inches.


Now they need to dry.   Then I shall cut them to size, mount them on 200gsm card and position inside the mount/mats ready for framing.    

They will be added to my Spring collection of available artwork.   Happy weekend, good wishes, Anne.   





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