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'Remains of the Day'… an acrylic 4 x 6 inch painting on paper.   This one is destined for inside a 6 x 8 mount ready to frame.   A friend suggested painting some to be placed in mounts and presented for sale in a Gallery.  This was the first one.  I used the same A4 size 200gsm paper with masking tape dividing it into four.   

Here is another from the same sheet.


'End of the Day' is much smaller, about 4 x 4 inches.   I have mounted it on a blank greeting card.   

I used the one inch synthetic brush for these pictures.   It helps me to keep the marks free and spontaneous.   

Next, I changed my colours slightly.   Another A4 sheet of paper with tape to divide into sections.   This time I wanted a 5 x 7 inch piece for the 7 x 9 inch mount.   


'Secluded Bay' ... there seems a touch of mystery in this piece.   Maybe it's the colour palette giving a cool aspect whilst making the abstracted marks to give a sense of place.

My paintings begin with choosing the colours.  I like a muted palette for these land and seascape paintings.   Having some magenta and a yellow can always be used to spice it up a little.   I often scrub the paper with these two colours for a warm under-painting.   Little fragments nearly always show though the finished picture.   Other than colour and size I let the painting evolve as I am not looking for an accurate description...more an atmosphere and feeling.  



'In between' ... a smaller picture from the same cool palette.   This is mounted on a blank greetings card.   


Here is a rack with some of the paintings.   They can be sent or saved...all of them are originals as I don't make copies.   

I have ordered some mounts for the larger ones.   It's quite exciting.  They should arrive this week.   Then I shall let you know how they look.   

Thats all for now...thank you for visiting.   Good wishes, Anne.





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