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Painting health check.
Is it finished?
This picture is settling in my studio.
I am wondering if it needs more work
 or shall I call it finished? 
A health check can be useful when faced
with a painting on the easel.
Here are some ‘visual scorings’...
Another quote from online

Curves and angles: There’s a reason why fruit and round bottoms keep making it into masterpieces. The eye will instinctively follow a curve.


In geometrics or architectural subjects, a pointed end or the connection to a new line is a visual pleasure point.


In abstraction, a horizon-like line can provide a tether to an otherwise cacophonous symphony of form.


Colour: The mother of all languages, colour is the first signal of where to look, where to linger and where to get lost.


Give the eye a place to rest and stay awhile...

A flat, or even a super-flat, offers a void-like space in which to get lost in the materiality of pigment. 


‘Carried away by a moonlight shadow’
Oils and cold wax medium on a 20 x 20 inch canvas.

Looking at this image there is a curve and some lines; 
a colour ‘pop’ and other subtle colours,
A ‘portal’ to give some intrigue 
and a flat area below to rest.
I am not suggesting this is a masterpiece 
but I shall leave it for now.
This next picture was painted at the same time.
Using the same principles I will check...
There are curves and angles,
connecting lines, possible geometric shapes,
and some ‘horizon’ lines.
Again, there is bright colour and some 
subdued colour for change and contrast.
I think the colour shapes add some interest 
and maybe suggest a building 
with the lines as tracks and trails.
The picture reminds me of narrow lanes 
and fields around my home.
I will call it finished.

‘Sunshine and blue skies’
Oils and cold wax medium on a 20 x 20 inch canvas.
Until next time...
Thank you for visiting.

Anne Wood
Wild at Heart Studio 

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