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Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?

(From a poem by Mary Oliver).
Thought provoking words...
I shall give it serious thought.

‘Twilight fades the blue’
A picture of marks.
This painting has taken several months to make.
It began life as a landscape.
I set it aside for some time before I had the urge to 
take it in another direction.
For me, this is an exciting time.
I am destroying to make room for another.
Here is the first picture...

Gradually the painting changed as I worked.
Several weeks passed before I made the final mark.
The lower pale blue mark 
was applied today...quickly and firmly.
No time for dithering.
Confidence was essential.                               

Here is another picture which went on a similar journey,
beginning life as a simple light coloured landscape. 
‘Ice on Fire’
Two marks are the focus of this picture.
Dramatic red with a pool of pale blue.
In both paintings I have included the 
frame as part of the picture.
Returning to Mary Oliver’s question about life...
I want to be wild,
and not be too precious about 
making changes along the way.
Here are 12 little paintings.
They will be available to buy at the Craft Fair 
in Lincoln Assembly Rooms on 14 April.

A collage of 8 x 8 inch oil panels.
For more about my art journey, 
visit my website:


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