March Madness

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Our weather is quite contrary this year.


A warm February and now a complete contrast.


Snow showers, gales and cold.






My pictures this week are cheerful and full of colour.
They are going to a group exhibition tomorrow.







‘Hand in hand at the edge of the sand’




Oils and cold wax medium 


16 x 16 inches on box canvas.


In a hand painted wood float frame.







‘This I saw on an April day’




Oils and cold wax medium 


12 x 12 inches on box canvas 


In a dark grey float frame 









‘This I saw in an April field’




Oils and cold wax medium


8 x 15 inch panel 


In a hand painted wood frame 











‘Out in a tranquil bay’




Oils and cold wax medium 


10 x 12 inch panel 


In a hand painted wood frame 








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In December 2018 I read an article by Sarah Genn 


who’s father Robert wrote a list of points 


for making a good painting.






Two of these are below...






Gestural Momentum 



— Never underestimate the power of a few bold strokes. Then, leave your strokes alone.



Artistic Flair 


— Have you added something that is uniquely and bravely yours?


(Robert Genn).



These are 2 valuable ‘nuggets’ of advice.


The first is something I am trying hard to remember 


when I am working.   There is often a temptation 


to fuss with a ‘bold stroke’ which can lose impact.














These two details from my pictures show


bold strokes which were spontaneous and free.




I was careful to leave them alone.


Not easily done, I might say.  






The second ‘nugget’ to be brave and unique 


is my personal journey....


I am a painter and I make marks.






Here are marks I made quickly and intuitively 


without much thought...they happened 


as I ‘sculpted’ the oil paint with a knife.  












To keep these ‘bravely mine’ I do not have any 


reference tools in my workplace.


No photos or sketches precede my pictures.




I do not copy anything.


The marks evolve as I work.




If I like them, I leave them.


Otherwise I scrape the paint back.




Plenty of scraping happens in my studio.  









A detail from another painting...




More marks and scratchings.


I like the subtle grey shades of blue-greens.




Here is the whole picture.


Pure imagination with a watery feeling.




‘Turquoise trails of timeless flow’




Oils and cold wax medium


20 x 20 inch box canvas. 




Until next time...


Thank you for visiting.


































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