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Colour and imagination...








‘Before anyone is awake’




The magic of dawn in a wild garden.








Colour and shapes...




These two quotes ‘say it all’.  








I found that I could say things with colors and shapes that I couldn’t say in any other way—things that I had no words for.

—Georgia O’Keeffe



The world about us would be desolate except for the world within us.

—Wallace Stevens

My garden studio is my painting world.
Here I make pictures from inside my mind.

‘Sound the trumpet, Spring’

Today I have been making ‘reclaimed’ works,
using previous paintings as a base.
Oils and cold wax in layers build up the story.
I have swept aside the shadows of Winter 
to embrace the colour of Spring.
These two cheerful pictures tell a story...
of making new things from old.
Until next time...
Thank you for visiting.

A collage of recent paintings.


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