Happy New Year.

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Happy New Year to all art lovers.









New Resolutions...






I was inspired recently by a quote from


Austin Kleon’s newsletter.


December 18, 2018.




‘Stay alive, get weird’




For anyone out there who is not afraid of 


being labelled weird, here is the actual post...












‘Stay alive, get weird’


December 18, 2018

Written by Austin Kleon.



I love this little collage of Picasso self-portraits at age 15, 25, and 90, stitched together by photographer Clayton Cubitt, who captioned them, “STAY ALIVE, GET WEIRD.”

I like making the phrase two-way, so it’s “stay live, get weird,” but also, “get weird, stay alive.” Both have worked for me…








Austin Kleon is the author of Steal Like An Artist and other books.





Austin Kleon


So there we have it...

Many times I have been called weird. 

It seems I am in good company.  


My resolution for 2019 

is to ‘stay weird’.  



Back to the Studio...




Layering paint.
Another new piece is hanging in my home.
I re-worked a painting to create this many layered piece 
scraping and scratching along the way.
It is heavily textured and glows in the hallway 
which is painted a dark grey green colour.
I like to make a picture which has a sense of mystery.
Perhaps it is weird...



‘Layers of Time’
Oils and cold wax medium on canvas.
8 x 20 inches in a float frame.





I have been preparing three large oil paintings 

for the Lincolnshire Artists’ Society Show in January.

They are now framed and labelled ready for off.  





‘Bright Abundance’





‘I climbed the hill to see the world’





‘Searching for the silver lining’








Good wishes to you all for 2019.


Until next time....


Thank you for visiting.






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