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Studio clear out...and a fresh start.

I have a tidy workspace.
A new clean canvas is on the easel 
and the oil under-painting is drying.
Transparent oil was loosely scrubbed onto 
the surface and spread around with a squeegee.
Scrapes and scribbles are part of my working process now
so a few were added before the paint dried.
 I like the rough effects and some calligraphic marks for interest.
Some will be covered over with paint as the painting progresses.
Back to clearing out...
I think a good clear out is quite satisfying.
This week I threw out three overworked canvases 
which were draining my positive energy,
 and wasting precious wax and oil paint. 
Sometimes this is the only way to progress
when paintings are too bad to save. 
The surface was too rough and unsuitable now. 
I could have sanded it down but enough was enough!
In addition I emptied my paint box, sorted
the paint tubes into colours and threw away 
lots of tubes which were flattened and empty.
I have no idea why I was keeping them. 
Now the box is ready to house the new
oil paints which have arrived today.
Christmas has come early to my workshop.
A festive picture.

I love this painting.
It has been hanging in my studio for months 
and now it is adding some colour in my home.
The work has been on a long journey, starting out as a 
still-life in summer and then it moved on to be more abstract.
I placed the board in this traditional wood frame,
and decided to extend the picture over the moulding.
I painted it black, then red, rubbed it down and
gave it a textured, worn and distressed appearance.

Any leftover paint was scrubbed on the canvas surface 
here and there in a random thoughtless way.
It gradually became more textured and colourful.
I scraped back into the layers and made scratch marks.
There was nothing precious about this painting,
it really didn’t matter what happened.

Then...after a few weeks drying...
one day I realised the picture had suddenly 
come to life.  It was time to stop.
The success of this picture is definitely due to
a loose, relaxed attitude about its progress.
I have found the more I try to protect the work,
the faster it goes downhill towards the bin.
Before I began tinkering with it, I brought my
picture inside and placed it on the window sill.
It is safe for now.
Happy ending...
It began life as a painting of vessels and has now 
returned to form part of a new still-life arrangement.

Oils on canvas board and frame 
22x26 inches overall.

I have painted over more photo tiles this week.
The previous ones have dried well and become little oil studies.
Here are two new ones.

‘Free Fall’

 8x8 inch oil studies 
on self-adhesive plastic tile
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