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My painting life is full of surprises
and ‘happy accidents’.
When I rework a canvas I never know the
outcome in advance.  Some take weeks of 
scraping back and changing course whilst others
come together quickly without too much stress.
This painting is now finished and drying.
It came together well and I think the secret 
really lies in keeping loose and relaxed.
With hints of a summer landscape 
I have titled it ‘When all is Summer’
‘When all is Summer’.   Oils on canvas 20x20 inches
Taking risks...
Recently I had some photographic images 
printed on several self-adhesive plastic tiles.
Some were a bit boring so I decided to take 
a risk and paint over the top with oils.
I have finished 5 so far and the results are pleasing.
They might be described as loose landscapes.
If they dry well I shall put them on sale for £ 35.
Two are below...
‘Bright Day’.   Oils 8x8 inches 
‘Exuberance’.  Oils 8x8 inches 

I read a statement online last week by artist 
Louise Fletcher.
It sums up pretty much how I feel too.
Here are Louise’s words....

“Artists are not like everyone else. 

We think differently. We see the world differently.

 We notice things that others do not. 

We feel things that others do not.


That doesn’t make us better than anyone else – just different. 

But that difference can be hard until you realise why it’s there. 

I know it was for me.


But when I finally accepted myself as a born artist,

 I was able to accept all the things that once bothered me.


I used to think I was overly sensitive. 

Now I think of myself as perfectly sensitive.


I used to worry that I lived so much in my head. 

Now I know that’s where I have to be.


I used to be suspicious of the ideas that appeared from nowhere. 

Now I feel grateful to have a powerful intuition.


These “flaws” are actually gifts.

 I am sensitive, day-dreamy, introverted and intuitive 

because I am an artist. 


And being an artist is still 

– to my mind – 

the best thing I could possibly be.



Louise Fletcher.  2018

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