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Hello and welcome to my Blog.
‘Whilst the sun shines’.  
 Oils on box canvas 20x20 inches. 
I am on a rescue mission in my studio.
After weeks of making the equivalent of mud pies
I have resurfaced and rescued a few paintings destined for the bin.
They are all significantly heavier after adding more layers of oils.
There are some improvements and some are set aside to dry before 
deciding where to go next.  Some might call it ‘painter’s block’.
One painting has been particularly difficult to reach a conclusion.
It is a stretched canvas measuring 40x30 inches.
I painted it early in the year and it has been hanging in my bedroom.
It was one of those ‘alright but a bit boring’ pieces.
Time to liven it up a little.  Add a bit of colour.
My plan went downhill rapidly.
Yes, I added some colour...then a bit more.
It was not looking good. 
Time to leave it to dry and assess the damage.  
The next day I decided to leave it alone.
There is something mysterious about the image.
As though looking through a portal.
‘Searching for the silver lining’
Oils and cold wax medium on canvas 
40x30 inches 
Another piece in a waiting stage is this one below...
I like the warm glow underneath the grey blue oils.
I have called it ‘North Face’.

Back in the studio today and two more paintings on the way. 

Oils on box canvas 16x16 inches. 
This piece has been worked over several weeks. 
I like them hanging on my studio wall.
Gradually a composition is teased out until I am happy.  
This has been a battle of wills.
Nearly scrapped, it suddenly came together
when I got into a loose gestural mood.  
Now it has strength and purpose.
Oils on canvas 32 x 16 inches. 

This painting has moved on from a 
piece I thought was finished in summer.   
Although I liked it I was in the mood for change. 
Oils on box canvas 20 x 20 inches

(Before the revamp)

Until next time...
Thank you for visiting.



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