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Hello and welcome to my Blog..


Last week I had a painting on the easel which was finished.

Or so I thought.


An artist friend gave me some advice about 

a part of the work which might benefit 

from some colour changes.  





The painting is no longer there...

In an effort to alter parts of the painting 

one thing led to another and it all went horribly wrong.


I did mention last week that challenges live in my studio.

This became a big one.  


It was time to assess the situation and see 

if I could bring the painting back to life.   


It took two days before I was happy with the results.

It might even be a stronger piece of work.



A critique from another painter has made me 

question my belief about being true to myself.

I was doing what another person wanted...


I will think about that...


Here is the new piece.

It will stay as it is.





‘Third time Lucky’.  


Oils and cold wax medium on canvas.

36 x 24 inches.



Here are some close up details...









If I could reproduce this in a large format 

it would make a colourful picture.



Until next week...

Thank you for visiting.














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