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    'Remains of the Day'… an acrylic 4 x 6 inch painting on paper.   This one is destined for inside a 6 x 8 mount ready to frame.   A friend suggested painting some to be placed in mounts and presented for sale in a Gallery.  This was the first one.  I used the same A4 size 200gsm paper with masking tape dividing it into four.   

    Here is another from the same sheet.


    'End of the Day' is much smaller, about 4 x 4 inches.   I have mounted it on a blank greeting card.   

    I used the one inch synthetic brush for these pictures.   It helps me to keep the marks free and spontaneous.   

    Next, I changed my colours slightly.   Another A4 sheet of paper with tape to divide into sections.   This time I wanted a 5 x 7 inch piece for the 7 x 9 inch mount.   


    'Secluded Bay' ... there seems a touch of mystery in this piece.   Maybe it's the colour palette giving a cool aspect whilst making the abstracted marks to give a sense of place.

    My paintings begin with choosing the colours.  I like a muted palette for these land and seascape paintings.   Having some magenta and a yellow can always be used to spice it up a little.   I often scrub the paper with these two colours for a warm under-painting.   Little fragments nearly always show though the finished picture.   Other than colour and size I let the painting evolve as I am not looking for an accurate description...more an atmosphere and feeling.  



    'In between' ... a smaller picture from the same cool palette.   This is mounted on a blank greetings card.   


    Here is a rack with some of the paintings.   They can be sent or saved...all of them are originals as I don't make copies.   

    I have ordered some mounts for the larger ones.   It's quite exciting.  They should arrive this week.   Then I shall let you know how they look.   

    Thats all for now...thank you for visiting.   Good wishes, Anne.





  2. Hello and welcome to my new Blog make life a little easier I have decided to close my Instagram account and my current Blogspot online.  This Blog page will be home to all my new paintings and studio musings.

    Today I shall share these little pictures with is 'Seaside Sunday', an acrylic painting on 8x8 inch Ampersand panel.  I like to keep my work loose and abstracted with a sense of place rather than a definite location.  


    Other acrylic paintings are on an A4 sheet of 200gsm paper divided into four sections.   They are very small and ideal for making greetings cards.   Below are two new ones from a short 30 minute session this morning....


    'Winter Shore'.. about 3x7 inches.  


    'Night Shore' ... about 4x7 inches.

    I wanted a darkened mysterious feeling for these pictures.  Even with a small painting it's possible to have a sense of space.  



    This painting is acrylic on 6x6 inch Ampersand panel.   It has a warm underpainting which peeps through here and there.   Roughly painted with two flat brushes, an inch and 3/4 inch.   They help me to work quickly with minimum fuss.   

    That's all for now.  I hope you enjoy seeing my work.   If you are interested in owning a picture, unframed 8x8 inch panels are £50 from my Studio and the unframed 6x6 inch panels are £40 from my Studio.

    Some are framed now...6x6 inch £55 & 8x8 inch £65.



    UK - £10 Tracked and signed for next day delivery.


    Europe & USA - £25-30 Track and signed for delivery.


     The small greetings cards are available from my Studio on Open Days in summer.     These days will be arranged in late April/May

    Good wishes, Anne.