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    Taking risks and trying new ideas...






    Hello and welcome to my Blog.






    This picture has been in my studio for a few weeks.  


    I was unsure how I wanted to proceed as there were 


    strong marks and lines on the canvas.







    At the time I was thinking about objects...


    Cups and saucers, bowls and a jug.






    Thick lines were scraped in the dark red paint 


    revealing the yellow under painting.  




    It was put aside to dry.






    The strong reference to vessels may have


     prevented me from going further.


    I was protecting them.


    It was time to push forward and take risks which


    might involve destroying the initial design.






    Yesterday I began rolling some left-over oils on top.


    I liked the way the green paint brushed over


    the slightly raised initial marks. 




    Later I added some creamy fawn with my brayer.







    Scratching marks in the wet paint I revealed the green.


    It was time to let it dry before the next step.




    I know only way to move forward and grow is to try new ideas.






    Today I had been working on another picture with orange red paint.


    Using the left-over oils I decided to forget 


    the vessels, turn the canvas round and make a new design.  






    Here is the finished piece..






    I was very surprised when this emerged.


    I love the bright orange against the blue grey.  




    I shall allow it to dry and think of a title.  






    Oils and cold wax medium on 12 x 12 inch canvas.






    Until next time...


    Thank you for visiting.







  2. Painting health check.
    Is it finished?
    This picture is settling in my studio.
    I am wondering if it needs more work
     or shall I call it finished? 
    A health check can be useful when faced
    with a painting on the easel.
    Here are some ‘visual scorings’...
    Another quote from online

    Curves and angles: There’s a reason why fruit and round bottoms keep making it into masterpieces. The eye will instinctively follow a curve.


    In geometrics or architectural subjects, a pointed end or the connection to a new line is a visual pleasure point.


    In abstraction, a horizon-like line can provide a tether to an otherwise cacophonous symphony of form.


    Colour: The mother of all languages, colour is the first signal of where to look, where to linger and where to get lost.


    Give the eye a place to rest and stay awhile...

    A flat, or even a super-flat, offers a void-like space in which to get lost in the materiality of pigment. 


    ‘Carried away by a moonlight shadow’
    Oils and cold wax medium on a 20 x 20 inch canvas.

    Looking at this image there is a curve and some lines; 
    a colour ‘pop’ and other subtle colours,
    A ‘portal’ to give some intrigue 
    and a flat area below to rest.
    I am not suggesting this is a masterpiece 
    but I shall leave it for now.
    This next picture was painted at the same time.
    Using the same principles I will check...
    There are curves and angles,
    connecting lines, possible geometric shapes,
    and some ‘horizon’ lines.
    Again, there is bright colour and some 
    subdued colour for change and contrast.
    I think the colour shapes add some interest 
    and maybe suggest a building 
    with the lines as tracks and trails.
    The picture reminds me of narrow lanes 
    and fields around my home.
    I will call it finished.

    ‘Sunshine and blue skies’
    Oils and cold wax medium on a 20 x 20 inch canvas.
    Until next time...
    Thank you for visiting.

    Anne Wood
    Wild at Heart Studio