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    A selection of small acrylic paintings in a mount ready to frame...

    Something new from my Studio this year.  I am making small paintings 6x4 inches, (mount 8x6) and 5x7 inches (mount 7x9) for sale ready to frame.

    They are all abstracted land/seascapes with an atmospheric feeling.  


    'Sundown'.   Acrylics on 200gsm Canson paper.   5x7 inch image In a 7x9 mount ready to frame.  



    'A brush with nature'.    5x7 inch painting on 310gsm textured Rag.  In a 7x9 mount ready for a frame.  



    'On the wild side'.   A 6x4 painting on 310gsm textured Rag.   In an 8x6 inch mount ready to frame.   

    I am loving these little studies...painted with a large brush they keep an abstract appearance.   Until the warmer weather comes I use a small room in my house as a studio dedicated to using acrylics.   My larger oil paintings are made in the garden studio where I have more room.   

    Now I must press on and make more whilst the 'art juices' are flowing.   Thank you for visiting my Blog.    Happy painting and good wishes, Anne.




  2.  I had a late painting session last night as I got carried away with new pieces.   Four of them found their way into the keeper pile.   When the art juices flow I like to keep going. 



    'Early' ... a 6x6 inch Ampersand panel in acrylics.   I like the atmosphere and sense of a wild place.  


    'Expanse' ... another acrylic on 6x6 inch Ampersand panel with a similar wild feeling.  



    'Wild' ... this one is an acrylic on 200gsm paper to fit in a 5x7 aperture mount for framing.    I get a sense of imminent winter storm.  There is mystery here.



    'Sundown' ... another 5x7 acrylic painting on 200gsm paper to fit in a mount.   The warm under-painting of magenta and lemon was roughly brushed on the paper before I began.

    I am using the same limited selection of colours for all these paintings.   Magenta, Lemon, Ultramarine, Prussian blue, Indian yellow, Naples yellow, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Titanium white and sometimes a little Ivory black. 

    The stay-wet palette gets very messy as I mix and blend.   I use a 12x16 white plastic catering tray with a damp cloth, a sheet of baking parchment for the paint and another tray as a lid balanced on top.   



    Here it is with the one inch synthetic flat brush I use for making the marks. The larger brush helps me to stay loose.  I prefer to keep away from tightening up and give an abstracted appearance.  

    That's all for now, thank you for visiting.   Good wishes, Anne.