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    'Warm Glow'   A new 4x5 inch painting in Golden Acrylics on Canson paper mounted on 5x7 inch card.



    Sand, sea and sky.   Eight new 4x5 inch acrylics on 200gsm Canson paper.

    These have all been mounted on 5x7 inch greetings cards.







    These are all made with a warm palette...










    These are made with a cooler, flat light palette.

    I used Canson A4 size paper taped into 4 portions which are just right for mounting on the blank card.    All the cards are supplied with envelopes.

    The cards are ideal for sending or keeping...the card fits into a 7x9 inch frame.

    I am making the most of the wintery weather by having short hour long painting sessions, often late at night when it is quiet.  Painting quickly with a large brush helps me to make spontaneous marks in these abstracted seascapes.   

    Thank you for joining me to read my Studio musings....good wishes, Anne.  







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    'The Journey of a Painting', a tale of two pictures.


    This is how I like to begin..


    Here I used a sheet of A4 Pinnacle Textured Rag taped and under-painted with acrylics ready for two new pictures to evolve.  The old chopping board makes a handy support.   At the side I have a stay-wet palette with Golden Acrylic.   This time I used Ultramarine, Quinacridone magenta, Lemon yellow, Naples yellow, Burnt Sienna and Titanium white.   All my colours were mixed from this limited palette.   

    The paper was left to dry then I began teasing out a landscape or seascape, with abstracted shapes and marks.   I used a one inch brush on these helps to keep my marks loose.  




    After making marks and brushing shapes over the underpainting the composition emerges.  I think they give an impression of wild places.  Nowhere in particular, more a sense of place.   Possibly the top one is a nature reserve and the bottom one could be a coastal scene.   They will be left to dry before cutting to size.



    It's always fun placing a mount over the paint.   Not all the image is on show, I position the mount aperture to give a harmonious composition.  I think these two will be used.   One bottom one is 5x7 inches and the top is 4x6 inches.


    Now they need to dry.   Then I shall cut them to size, mount them on 200gsm card and position inside the mount/mats ready for framing.    

    They will be added to my Spring collection of available artwork.   Happy weekend, good wishes, Anne.